Friday, April 13, 2012

Ripoff Report | SMA Timeshare Summit Marketing

Scam Fraud Shill Complaint Rip OFF

Are just a bunch of negative words that competitors used to demoralize SMA Timeshare's reputation. I signed up with them to look for people who wants to rent or buy my timeshare. They were able to find a renter in a few weeks time after I signed up. In this economy, it's hard to sell a timeshare but renting it is good enough to pay for maintenance fees and keeping it in one piece.

I would recommend to any timeshare owner who are in the market for selling their own timeshare to try SMA Timeshare so they can save some money with associated fees for owning a timeshare.

-- sent by Randy Klimaszeski for SMA Timeshare Reviews.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Timeshare Resort Complaints and SMA Timeshare Review

I can't tell how many times I've dealt with companies who promised me that they will have a buyer for my timeshare. I just can't help but believe in hoping that it is true. It is quite easy to fall for that trap.

Finally, when I contacted Summit Marketing Inc. that's when I started to see results. I had received emails from prospect buyers through SMA Timeshare. I am relieved that it's all over now.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Timeshare Scam

Although many people say beware of timeshare scam, many still fall for it. Dealing with timeshare, my partner and I always talk about whether this company is good or not. We want to rent our timeshare but not at the cost of losing our money. So we researched hundreds of timeshare marketing companies.

We picked one company before Summit Marketing Inc., but it did not end well. After a big fuss about it  we contacted them if they can help us rent our timeshare resort. A little over 3 months of signing with them we received rental offers and proceeded with one client. Thanks to SMA Timehsare

A little skeptical selling a timeshare with Summit Marketinc Inc

I had numerous arguments with timeshare marketing companies trying to extract money from me before I even sell my timeshare. Beware of them!

My partnership with SMA Timeshare went well and my timeshare was sold 5 months of listing. I was a little skeptical selling a timeshare with Summit Marketing Inc but I am really glad that I chose them. Save yourself the trouble and go with Summit.

Planned Vacation through SMA Timeshare

I had a 2 week vacation planned and we were wondering how to properly set this up. A friend of mine referred me to website to browse through some timeshare for rent on our destination. Luckily we've found a couple of listings available. We started to contact the owner and made a couple of offerings to multiple listings. Long story short we had a pretty good deal.

The vacation was relaxing and memorable at the same time. Kids had fun, and we pretty much miss it already. We are definitely going back there next year and since we got out timeshare resort, preparing for it would be a breeze.


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Families who travel and spend their leisure at resort hotels are finding it very convenient to rent a timeshare or buy a timeshare for their future vacations. The main reason behind this is that it is comfortable to have your accommodation in the resort ready on a specific date each year or every other year depending on the timeshare resort. It is also a better choice among large families because most of timeshare properties provide a small kitchen, almost as if an apartment.
“We loved the fact that we do not need to spend hours looking for a reservation because we own a timeshare resort.” says Emily, mother of three children and wife of an entrepreneur. “Our kids love the resort and always look forward to the next time we come back. We spend one week every time. My husband gets a relief and I enjoy the time with all my family members with me.”
It is a feat, for family who spend their vacation in the same resort. For more information, visit for timeshare rental, sale or purchase.
Summit Marketing Inc. is a timeshare marketing and advertising company. They offer a wide selection of timeshare by owner listing and provide help to customers needing assistance with their timeshare inquiries.


Summit Timeshare Marketing Complaints

Customer complaints about.
LONGWOOD, FL, September 16, 2011 (eReleases) – Summit Marketing Inc. a.k.a. SMA Timeshare reviews regarding timeshare scam and timeshare complaints.
Vacation with timeshare resorts have been a cumbersome process because of scams and complaints. Summit Marketing Inc. disagreed that timeshare renting, timeshare resale and buy a timeshare should not be this way. According to their past customers that dealt with SMA Timeshare before, they found that the process is better than most timeshare marketers.
“I had been very skeptical with my timeshare resort transactions, but Summit Marketing Inc., proved to be trustable company to deal with.” says a 6-year timeshare resort owner. “I’ve had a few bad run-ins with timeshare properties, so I always opt for timeshares by owner and SMA Timeshare provided just that. Timeshares by owner that are listed in their website. After finding a resort I wanted for my next vacation I researched and browsed through SMA Timeshare rental listings and contacted the owner. It was a smooth negotiation.”
Furthermore, frequent vacation families who go to the same resort every year are more inclined to rent or buy their timeshare resort. This website will definitely be a good tool for finding the right location for a trip.
You may visit their website at to begin your planning.
Summit Marketing Inc a.k.a. SMA Timeshare is a timeshare marketing and advertising company based in Longwood FL, a vacation hotspot in the United States. They offer timeshare resale, timeshare rentals and buy a timeshare. Customer Service is top notch.
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